Garage Doors in Boynton Beach FL

At General Garage Door, we take pride in our reputation of a prompt and professional service. Homeowners looking for a quality garage door service in Boynton Beach FL have relied on us since 1978! Specializing in the sales, service and installation of overhead doors, our family-owned and operated company has the solutions you need for your home or business. We make sure that our products are hurricane-safe, giving our customers one less thing to worry about!

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Garage Door Repair Boynton Beach FL

We can repair or replace any model of garage door springs or openers. If your garage door needs repair, we have the solution for you. The single most common need for garage door repair is due to a broken spring. Many people do not realize that is it the springs that lift the door, not the opener. If you have a broken garage door spring, your garage door won't open. We specialize in broken garage door spring repair, as well as noisy garage doors and openers.

Why You Should Hire a Pro for Garage Door Installation

One of the most important parts of any home is its garage door. A garage door cannot only improve the overall appearance of your home, but it will also be able to provide an additional level of security. Due to the importance of a garage door, having a professional install your next garage door would be very beneficial. There are several benefits and services that will be received when you hire a professional for garage door service.  

Select Best Garage Door

One of the first services that a professional will be able to help you with is provide you with assistance in selecting a garage door. A professional will be able to help you understand the benefits of all the different garage door styles and types. They will then be able to help you find a door that provides you with all of your needs and fits into the overall style of your home.

Expert Garage Door Installation in Boynton Beach FL

Once you have bought the correct garage door, the garage door installation service will be able to provide you with expert installation. They will be able to have the garage door installed quickly to ensure that it is up as soon as you need it. They will also be able to utilize their skill set and experience to ensure that it is installed correctly and working efficiently. They can also help you program any remote controls or additional security systems you purchase.  

Ongoing Maintenance

While most garage doors will work well for a long period of time, there is some maintenance that will need to be completed. The garage door service will be able to provide you with ongoing maintenance and any necessary repairs that you have. This can help to ensure that your garage door will continue to work for years to come.

Garage Door Service

Whether you have a small or major problem with your garage door installation or repair project, it's important that you hire a professional garage door contractor to help you get the job done right. We know that reliable garage systems are essential for your well-being and safety, and that’s why they should be serviced and installed by a qualified garage door technician. Our trained and certified technicians are fully equipped to handle any situation or service request. General Garage Doors is proud to be an approved contractor for My Safe Florida Home. All our doors are hurricane wind load approved.

Emergency Repairs

General Garage Door offers garage door services and provides emergency services in the event that your door breaks down at the most inconvenient time. This can really be of help if you encounter a problem and need it solved immediately. With fast turn-around time and dependability, you cannot afford to ignore working with the professionals at General Garage Door for your garage door replacement.

We have a wide selection of doors to meet the different needs of our clients. From contemporary to traditional styles, General Garage Door has the products that you’re looking for. New garage doors are an excellent investment; they add value in addition to making your property more attractive. Ask about our custom garage doors in Boynton Beach FL if you want something extra special! To speak with one of our experts or to schedule service, give our friendly team a call today!